I don’t want to do Architecture!

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Found something else to pursue other than architecture? Then, come find your passion with our crash course!

What you’ll learn –

  • Learn how to make your part time hobby a full time career.
  • Learn finance, time management with our decision making games.
  • Ideate, monetize and build your passion into a job.

For many of us, architecture might be the perfect choice as a course but not as a career. But then what does one do after passing out from college when reality hits us hard? Most of us end up taking up jobs that we don’t like and bottle up our passions! With leewardists’ crash course I don’t want to do architecture, you will not only know what you can pursue but also how you can pursue what you love!

Looking out to discover your own entrepreneurship skills? Join our course today!


If you are pursuing architecture or have a degree but don’t want to continue anymore, this is just the perfect course for you!

This crash course will teach you how one can easily turn his/her passion into reality. Two fun filled sessions with decision making games and much more, you will discover the real you!

And it is designed to teach you much more, like time management skills, finance and finding balance between passion and reality!We will tell you how we did it and how you can do it too! With a little skill and a little drive to pursue it, you can master it too!

The course is divided into two sessions. The first session will talk about different ways one can find their forte’ and passion.

The second session will be a live decision making game, where taking real life decisions will help you decide the practical aspect of it.


  • Learn ways to find career choices in allied fields in architecture.
  • Learn practical aspects of starting a business/career which is not mainstream.
  • Lean how to finance your passion and kick start it using tools like social media.
  • Learn time management skills with our decision making games.

Time and Duration


SESSION I – 27th May, Monday – 1 hour 30 minutes

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT

SESSION II – 29th May, Wednesday – 1 hour 30 minutes

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT


Who can take this course?

  • Young professionals with architecture degree who wish to start a business.
  • Students/fresh pass outs who are confused pursuing architecture as a career.
  • Students who wish to wish to pursue their passion in reality but don’t know how!


How is the course going to be conducted?

These courses are live courses, conducted through an application called Zoom, which allows the tutor and participants to interact, engage via polls, Q and A sessions, IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more.

What is the difference between 11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT and 07 PM IST/01:30 PM GMT sessions?

The two slots are kept keeping in mind the different time zones. The dates and timings mentioned are subjective to Indian Standard Time. The dates may change due to the differing time zones. Please check the dates and timings relative to your time zone.

(For eg; 11 AM in India- 12:30 AM in New York, 07 PM in India – 09:30 AM in New York)

Do I need a good internet connection to attend the course?

You do need a decent connection to stay online. However, most of the session are conducted using power point presentations and I Pad sessions which requires only a fairly decent connection.

Can I switch from one session to the other?

Yes, you can switch before the sessions go live. However once a subjective timing is attended by a participant, the slot cannot be changed after that.

Can I cancel my purchase after buying the course?

You cannot cancel the purchase, however you can transfer the course to a friend/colleague.

Can I transfer the course to a friend if I don’t want to continue with the course?

Yes you can transfer the course before the course goes live. In this case, one has to provide valid details of the other participant for us to verify.

What if I buy courses for two from one account?

You can buy as many courses from one payable account. All you have to do is provide emails and other necessary details of the other participants for us to verify. Then sit together and enjoy or participate from separate systems, is completely your choice!

How do I use Zoom?

Complete details of how to use the Zoom software is shared via a video upon registration, which will be a part of your introduction lesson. Apart from that, upon registering for the session, Zoom will send you links to download an app suitable for your preferred choice of device as well as instructions to use the software.

When does the session go live and when do I log in?

We strongly recommend joining the session 15 mins prior to the given timings to avail perks like interaction with the tutor, listening to some awkward jokes and watching our comic making process.

I cannot find my zoom link for logging in to the course.

Upon registration, you receive a confirmation mail from Zoom itself which contains the joining link which is unique to each participant. These mails usually go to your updates tab of the inbox section.

I did not receive any mails regarding further registration?

Sometimes patience is the key and sometimes systems go berserk. If it’s the first case, be patient and search your updates tab/spam folder for mails under ‘ZOOM’. If it’s the second, drop us a query at [email protected]

When do I get the recording of the previous session?

After 24 hours the session is over.

How long are the recordings kept on?

They are kept live for 5 days after uploading the video.

Can I view the recordings if I am not able to attend the live session?

Yes, you will receive the recordings 24 hours after the live session is conducted. You can view them if unfortunately you have not been a part of the live session.

When will I receive my deliverables?

You will receive the promised deliverables like certificates after the course is over. However, it depends on the category of the course if there any other deliverables other than certificates promised.


4 reviews for I don’t want to do Architecture!

  1. Somya Garg (verified owner)

    My first ever course at the leewardists school, and the best one yet. The course was extremely insightful. You get to learn about yourself from a whole a new perspective. I came across things which I do not think I would have come up on my own. The host is warm and funny. If you do not want to pursue architecture and are feeling lost, trust me, this is a course for you.
    I look forward to being a part of many more courses to come.

  2. Ruchika Deshpande (verified owner)

    The first ever course with leewardists, and a truly fun filled learning experience..how easily have you put up life’s harsh truths in the gaming mode! This has helped us understand better and changed our ways of thinking….clearly! Thanks a lot for the awesome sharing of views, of experiences , of reality…Looking forward to many more discussions!

  3. adarsha kakade (verified owner)

    This Crash course was extremely useful for me to get to know more fields and career options related to my interests and passion. Of course it’s a broad topic and can’t be covered in two sessions but Anuj Sir has completed most of it in this Crash course. More topics like these and future courses from leewardists school are something one should look forward to. The team and their opinions and games made the session lively and interesting.

  4. Jinnie Saren (verified owner)

    This was my first ever course at the Leewardists School. And the best live session that I’ve ever attended for sure! I loved their teaching approach which is truly engaging and interesting. It’s a brilliantly designed course which is very simplified for our understanding. It’s the kind of teaching that is missing from our lives! It kind of reinforced our viewpoints with solid reasoning and even if you are clueless you will get a direction. It has definitely helped me with my decision-making skills and overall perspective towards looking at things. It was enlightening on a lot of aspects!
    It’s a super fun interactive course and definitely NOT the one to miss!
    The interaction and insights from Anuj Sir were awesome and useful!
    I look forward to their upcoming courses and learning more.

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