Sketch to Design – Sketch, Draw and Visualize to Scale

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Are you at home to fight the coronavirus scare? Well, make use of the time and learn from home! While you socially distance yourself, watch our recordings from our past online courses’ range, all at a discounted price!

This Online Course on ‘Sketch to Design’ is focused on Architecture and Interior design students to help with visualization and sketching to scale. 

In this Online Course, we will teach you the very basics of sketching, and different methods you can use it to visualize complex forms and shapes.

With simple tricks, lessons and exercises you’ll not only know how to crack this tedious process but also be confident about your design! Not just that! With our methods, you’ll learn how to visualize and draw complex forms with ease. 

This is a fresh Online  Course designed for three sessions which can help you if you are afraid of sketching and have problems visualizing your design.

This course is designed to help you with good design sketching and visualization methods that help in the long run! Sketching has multiple uses as a tool and can be helpful during one’s design process. With our quick hacks and simple approach towards sketching, not only will you be confident but also develop your style during the process.***

***This session is designed only for students pursuing their bachelors and masters degree in Architecture. If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at [email protected]  before purchasing the course!

Topics that will be covered –  

  • Overview of the basic sketching methods and its use in visualization and conceptualization.
  • Understanding how to work with different line thickness and types.
  •  Different ways to visualize complex forms and shapes.
  • How to come up with good yet functional presentation boards.
  • Visualization of different forms and spatial segmentation of your design in minimal and quick ways.
  • Quick hacks to understand isometric/axonometric and perspective drawings
  • Sketching and Visualizing complex forms to scale

Ever wonder why sketching comes naturally to some, while is a nightmare to most of us? Well, we have an Online Course which will answer all your doubts about sketching!

‘SKETCH TO DESIGN’ Online Course is designed to help you learn to sketch in the easiest way possible and apply it to visualize design and forms. In just THREE SESSIONS, we can help you understand how to relook at Architectural Sketching and use it as a tool in your design process.

This Online Course will teach you how to visualize and sketch to scale, helping you with taking your concepts towards actual design!

This course will be a combination of live sessions and lessons that you can easily take from anywhere around the world.

With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go! 

The course is perfectly divided into three sessions taking you from the very basics of sketching and its usage in visualizing design concepts, drawing and doodling to scale.

Recorded Version

Recorded Version


If you have a massive fear of sketching and have a problem visualizing and drawing to scale, then this is the perfect course for you!

The major problem noticed among Architecture Students is the fear of sketching, which inhibits visualizing designs to scale. 

Sketching is often considered only as a recreational tool or as a leisure activity. This course breaks that misconception, and teaches you how basic tools such as isometric, axonometric, perspective sketching can help you come up with good concepts and even presentation ideas!

This online course will teach you how one can easily get clarity of thought and develop one’s own style of sketching. With simple and easy methods we will teach you how to transform your rough sketches into final presentation sketches!

The crash course is divided into just three sessions. The first session will talk about the very basics of sketching and easy methods to develop one’s own style and comfort. With live exercises, we will help you remove your fear of sketching, once and for all!

The second session will teach you the basics of isometric, perspective sketching and easy methods to quickly visualize your design in 3D forms. 

The third session will teach you about the process of transforming your rough sketches into final design presentation drawings.  



  • Understanding the basics of sketching and visualizing simple 2D forms in 3D.
  • Learn methods like ‘cube method’, to visualize your design drawings and ideas to scale.
  • Decode complex forms and designs of famous architects through basic sketching hacks.
  • Learn last-minute hacks which can be used for good presentation sheets.
  • Learn basic and intermediate architectural sketching skills, techniques in hand drafting representation to enhance architectural and conceptual drawings.
  • Enhance your representation with technical and aesthetic additions to your sketches.
  • Learn how to visualize and represent forms and spatial segmentation of your design in minimal and quick ways.
  • Learn the methods and process of taking your initial sketches and ideas from the concept stage to final representation.
  • Identify different tools, and techniques to generate clear and self-explanatory drawings for final representation.
  • Understand the use of colours in architectural drawings along with the use of different pen tips and line thicknesses.

Time and Duration

SESSION I – 16th November, Saturday – 1 hour 30 minutes

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT

SESSION II 23rd November,  Saturday – 1 hour 30 minutes 

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT

SESSION III 24th November,  Sunday – 1 hour 30 minutes 

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT

Who can take this course?

  • Students who have a fear of sketching and wish to learn it as a design tool.
  • Students who wish to learn how to improve their design presentation skills.
  • Students who are conducting their final Thesis and wish to improve their representation skills.
  • Students who wish to learn how to visualize, sketch and design to scale.


How is the course going to be conducted?

These courses are live courses, conducted through an application called Zoom, which allows the tutor and participants to interact, engage via polls, Q and A sessions, IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more.

What is the difference between 11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT and 07 PM IST/01:30 PM GMT sessions?

The two slots are kept keeping in mind the different time zones. The dates and timings mentioned are subjective to Indian Standard Time. The dates may change due to the differing time zones. Please check the dates and timings relative to your time zone.

(For eg; 11 AM in India- 12:30 AM in New York, 07 PM in India – 09:30 AM in New York)

Do I need a good internet connection to attend the course?

You do need a decent connection to stay online. However, most of the session is conducted using powerpoint presentations and I Pad sessions which requires only a fairly decent connection.

Can I switch from one session to the other?

Yes, you can switch before the sessions go live. However, once a subjective timing is attended by a participant, the slot cannot be changed after that.

Can I cancel my purchase after buying the course?

You cannot cancel the purchase, however, you can transfer the course to a friend/colleague.

Can I transfer the course to a friend if I don’t want to continue with the course?

Yes, you can transfer the course before the course goes live. In this case, one has to provide valid details of the other participant for us to verify.

What if I buy courses for two from one account?

You can buy as many courses from one payable account. All you have to do is provide emails and other necessary details of the other participants for us to verify. Then sit together and enjoy or participate from separate systems, is completely your choice!

How do I use Zoom?

Complete details of how to use the Zoom software is shared via a video upon registration, which will be a part of your introduction lesson. Apart from that, upon registering for the session, Zoom will send you links to download an app suitable for your preferred choice of device as well as for instructions to use the software.

When does the session go live and when do I log in?

We strongly recommend joining the session 15 mins before the given timings to avail perks like interaction with the tutor, listening to some awkward jokes and watching our comic-making process.

I cannot find my zoom link for logging in to the course.

Upon registration, you receive a confirmation mail from Zoom itself which contains the joining link which is unique to each participant. These emails usually go to your updates tab of the inbox section.

I did not receive any emails regarding further registration?

Sometimes patience is the key and sometimes systems go berserk. If it’s the first case, be patient and search your updates tab/spam folder for emails under ‘ZOOM’. If it’s the second, drop us a query at [email protected]

When do I get the recording of the previous session?

After 24 hours the session is over.

How long are the recordings kept on?

They will stay live for 4 days after uploading the video.

Can I view the recordings if I am not able to attend the live session?

Yes, you will receive the recordings 24 hours after the live session is conducted. You can view them if unfortunately, you have not been a part of the live session.

When will I receive my deliverables?

You will receive the promised deliverables like certificates after the course is over. However, it depends on the category of the course if there any other deliverables other than certificates promised.

I have purchased the course, now what?

Hey, thanks for buying our course! You just bought a good amount of dinner for us! After purchasing the course, you will receive two emails on your registered email id, containing the invoice and the login details. Please use them to create an account on our Online School. Doing so, you will be able to access all the pre-requisite lessons and exercises and also view the recordings if you have missed the session.


  1. This course talks about the basics of sketching and its usage as a tool to visualize designs. The learnings can be implied in other subjects as well.
  2. No deliverables in the form of course presentation will be given from our end.
  3. This course is only for students pursuing their bachelors and masters degree in Architecture. If you are a professional who wishes to participate, drop us a mail on [email protected] before making the purchase.

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    Much needed course for those with visualisation difficulty. Was so useful and learnt a lot from this one

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