What to Expect after joining Architecture? - A complete package for an aspiring Architecture Student.


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Are you aspiring to pursue Architecture Course or have joined a school already. Are you having first day jitters and worried what the course has to offer you? Are you clueless about how will you attend your lectures online? Then our course has all the answers to your questions. With just THREE SESSIONS, our team will introduce you to the Architecture course and endless possibilities and opportunities that it comes with.

about this course

Entering into Architecture can be tough and especially during these unprecedented times where we have to rely on virtual modes of communication and physical experiences such as attending a lecture, meeting your classmates and professors almost looks like a far-fetched dream. 

One of the major issues faced by students in first-year is coping up with stringent syllabuses in Architecture Course. While Coaching Institutes do prepare you for clearing entrance examinations, what they don't teach you are the skills required to understand subjects within the course. This gap leaves a student disoriented and some, unfortunately also end up leaving the course. 

We are not here to discourage you, rather prepare for the course, introduce you to the subjects in brief and help make this journey an exciting one!

This online course will introduce you to the Architecture Course, give you an overview about importance of design and role of a designer, talk about different subjects in the course and how they are interconnected. We will also talk about time management and going beyond the curriculum. 

We also teach you how to read architecture drawings and its basics.

The course is an extensive 12 hour course divided into three sessions inclusive of 10 live chapters. The recordings of the live sessions will be available for 15 days after the purchase along with online lessons and exercises which can be taken easily from home.  

The first session will talk about the very basics of Architecture Course and Importance of Design.

The second session will introduce you to different subjects related to Architecture Course and their importance.

The third session will be a concluding session where we will talk about going beyond the course, managing time during college and submission days and much more. The course will end with a live decision making game which help you understand the course in depth and take real life decisions for different situations.

for whom is this course?

This is a perfect course for you if you – 

  • Have cleared Architecture entrance examinations and will soon join a college.
  • Want to opt for Architecture but you are unsure if this is the right course for you.
  • You are currently in the first year and the course / curriculum is not making any sense.
  • Want to have a good head start in college and want to understand things in depth.
  • Want to go beyond architecture and learn things which will not be taught in the college.

Note: If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at leewardistswebinars@gmail.com before purchasing the course!

what you will learn?

  • Getting a head start into Architecture
  • Understand the power of Observation crucial for the course
  • What is design? What is Architecture?
  • How everything is connected to Design. Talking about all the subjects in architecture.
  • Coping up and time management in architecture.
  • Concept of redos.
  • Quick live exercises conducted by Ar. Anuj Kale and Leewardists team to understand basics of architecture.


  • There is absolutely no prior experience required to take this course
  • No software is needed
  • Only lots of sketchbooks or rough papers and some pens :)

topics covered

  • Overview of the Architecture Curriculum and basics of Design.
  • Understanding how to cope up with time intensive schedules and manage your time in Architecture
  •  Different subjects in First Year and their Importance. Introduction to subjects like –
    • History in Architecture
    • Theory of Structures
    • Building Construction
    • Architectural graphics
    • Sketching
    • Building Services
    • Allied electives and subjects
  • How to expand your horizon beyond architecture.
  • Visualization, Observation as tools of an Architecture Students and how to develop these skills over time
  • Quick guide to manage your time during submissions.


  • Learn basic skills required to enter architecture course.
  • Learn how to visualize and observe to get ahead in Architecture School and Design Studios
  • Identify your forte' as an entrant in Architecture.
  • Understand the importance of design in Architecture.
  • Learn more about the process of managing and coping up with the course and methods to schedule your submissions and studio work.

Number of Sessions: 3

session breakdown

The online course is divided into three sessions. 

  • The first session will introduce you to the course and talk about role of designer in everyday life.
  • The second session will introduce you to different subjects in Architecture Curriculum and how they are related with design.
  • The third session will teach you about time management and importance of scheduling your work in Architecture. The course will end with a fun decision making game where you will be put in different situations to take real-life decisions.


With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go!

$48.00 $35.00

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Course Reviews

5 reviews for What to Expect after joining Architecture? – A complete package for an aspiring Architecture Student.

  1. PRATHAM SHAH (verified owner)


  2. Berru Pala (verified owner)

    Eye-opening, non-judgemental, interesting, helpful and fun! Perfect for anyone who really wants to go into depth on architecture at its core.

  3. Satyam Goel (verified owner)

    Thanks for this amazing course!! The entire course was interesting, interactive and unique. The course was lined up with all types of quizzes and discussion which helped me to understand better!
    I enjoyed all the sessions. Tasks given each week were amazing and helped me understand the topics in a unique way. The course is informative and helpful for people who are planning to join architecture like me.

  4. Sona Solgu (verified owner)

    A very fun,interactive course that brushed on all the key concepts of architecture and made it very interesting.Truly stands out from rest of the courses out there.

  5. Sona Solgu (verified owner)

    A really fun and intersting course that brushed on al the key concepts of architecture .Truly different from all other courses out there!

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What to Expect after joining Architecture? - A complete package for an aspiring Architecture Student.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the course going to be conducted?

 These courses are live courses, conducted through an application called Zoom, which allows the tutor and participants to interact, engage via polls, Q and A sessions, IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more.

  1. Do I need a good internet connection to attend the course?

 You do need a decent connection to stay online. However, most of the session is conducted using PowerPoint presentations and I Pad sessions which requires only a fairly decent connection.


  1. Can I cancel my purchase after buying the course?

 You cannot cancel the purchase, however, you can transfer the course to a friend/colleague.


  1. Can I transfer the course to a friend if I don’t want to continue with the course?

 Yes, you can transfer the course before the course goes live. In this case, one has to provide valid details of the other participant for us to verify.


  1. What if I buy courses for two from one account?

 You can buy as many courses from one payable account. All you have to do is provide emails and other necessary details of the other participants for us to verify. Then sit together and enjoy or participate from separate systems, is completely your choice!


  1. How do I use Zoom?

 Complete details of how to use the Zoom software is shared via a video upon registration, which will be a part of your introduction lesson. Apart from that, upon registering for the session, Zoom will send you links to download an app suitable for your preferred choice of device as well as for instructions to use the software.


  1. When does the session go live and when do I log in?

 We strongly recommend joining the session 15 mins before the given timings to avail perks like interaction with the tutor, listening to some awkward jokes and watching our comic-making process.


  1. I cannot find my zoom link for logging in to the course. 

 Upon registration, you receive a confirmation mail from Zoom itself which contains the joining link which is unique to each participant. These emails usually go to your updates tab of the inbox section.


  1. I did not receive any emails regarding further registration? 

 Sometimes patience is the key and sometimes systems go berserk. If it’s the first case, be patient and search your updates tab/spam folder for emails under ‘ZOOM’. If it’s the second, drop us a query at leewardistswebinars@gmail.com


  1. When do I get the recording of the previous session?

 The recordings will be provided at the end of the course, after all the sessions have been taken by the participants. 


  1. How long are the recordings kept on? 

 They will stay live for 15 days after the course is over. 

  1. Can I view the recordings if I am not able to attend the live session?

 Yes, you will receive the recordings 24 hours after the live session is conducted. You can view them if unfortunately, you have not been a part of the live session or if you wish to brush up on the session. 


  1. When will I receive my deliverables? 

 You will receive the promised deliverables like certificates after the course is over. However, it depends on the category of the course if there any other deliverables other than certificates promised.


  1. I have purchased the course, now what?

 Hey, thanks for buying our course! You just bought a good amount of dinner for us! After purchasing the course, you will receive two emails on your registered email id, containing the invoice and the login details. Please use them to create an account on our Online Course. Doing so, you will be able to access all the pre-requisite lessons and exercises and also view the recordings if you have missed the session.

You will also receive a zoom link to register for the first session. Do check your updates/promotions tab for the email under your email section for the same. 

Time & Duration

Session I 

Date – 10th January, 2020

Time – 11:00AM/07:00 PM IST | 05:30AM/01:30 PM GMT


Session II 

Date – 17th January, 2020

Time – 11:00AM/07:00 PM IST | 05:30AM/01:30 PM GMT 


Session III 

Date – 24th January, 2020

Time – 11:00AM/07:00 PM IST | 05:30AM/01:30 PM GMT