International Design Studio: The Urbanity of Market Places post Pandemic: Issues and Resolutions


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Our cities have always been profoundly impacted by various pandemics throughout history. We are facing the same with COVID-19 today. Housing residents and fulfilling lives of many, cities are at forefront to face and rethink the post-pandemic world. 

This International Design Studio composed of online workshops, field work and sessions with mentors and experts across the world aims to focus on the issues that were pertinent in traditional Indian market places before COVID-19 and how they can be revived in the post-COVID context.

This International Studio is an intensive 3-month program, designed and curated by experts in fields of Urban Design and Planning from India, Paris, South Korea etc.

about this course

Traditionally, bazaars(markets) have always played role of key public places and activities in the evolution of cities and placemaking. These includes the streets, the thoroughfares, the chowks (squares), and the maidans (plaza) as well as the function or typology of the market altogether developing a distinct relationship with the bazaars. 

Another universal feature of these bazaars is their mix of formal and informal nature. Varying scales, varying functions, and loosely defined territories of the shops with ever expanding displays, provide unique experience and the reason why these bazaars are successful till date.

The shopping-mall typology was introduced, or imported, in the Indian cities a few years back. In many ways these shopping-malls are a complete anti-thesis to the traditional bazaars. Shopping-mall typology, the way it exists today across the Indian cities, is already proving to be a commercial failure and highly un-sustainable.

After cities getting hit by the pandemic, businesses and economies have suffered drastically. Specifically, the informal sector and businesses, street vendors and hawkers – and their future is feeble as cities open up with specific social distancing and hygiene norms. 

Since 80% of India’s economy depends on the informal sector, they are essential to our financial context – not to forget our cultural context as well. 

This International Design Studio aims to bring students and mentors across the world to understand and work on Indian market culture and how they can be rethought of in the new normal. 

Each participant will be guided by mentors across India and Paris, with multiple sessions and lectures on Cities and Markets, Urban territory and spatial configurations of markets in Indian context – through various case studies and field exercises that can easily be taken from home.

for whom is this course?

  • Students who have strong interest in urban spaces and its spatial understanding. 
  • Students who are interested in understanding contextual analysis and studies, field work and documentations
  • Students who wish to study about Indian markets during the pandemic. 
  • Students who wish to work with International students and study under mentors across different universities. 
  • Students who wish to pursue masters in Urban Design/Urban Planning.

Note: If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at before purchasing the course!

what you will learn?

  • Understand about various aspects of Urban Design and market places, learn decision making processes are designed and executed through small exercises and online sessions.
  • Work with students and mentors from across the world, learn about cultural manifestations and its effects on streets, market places and use those learnings to understand your context.
  • Engage with different mentors through online sessions on various topics of Urban Design and Post Pandemic Cities. 
  • Learn how to observe, analyse and document cities through simple do-from-home exercises and small field work sessions that can be done in your city.
  • Learn how to assess contextual issues in an urban fabric and how they can be resolved through simple design and placemaking interventions.
  • Present and discuss your work with mentors and peers through online jury sessions and mock presentations throughout the entire span of the studio.
  • Each participant gets their personal online dashboard and accounts through which you can easily submit exercises, connect with mentors and get daily feedback and assessments.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the studio.


  • The studio is entirely online and can be easily taken from home. Certain field work and research sessions will require participants to visit market spaces which are at a comfortable proximity from their place of stay.

    If, however, a participant finds it difficult to conduct field work, they can easily connect with their mentors to take a different approach.

    Students are required to have some interest in Urban Design Studies. 

topics covered

  • What are the basics of Urban Design and Urban Territories?
  • Importance of contextual analysis and studies. 
  • Reading a city, mapping a city and small pockets, Analysing and proposing design interventions. 
  • Importance of traditional marketspaces and its spatial orientation in our present-day cities. 
  • Situation of Market places and its urban territories in a pre and post covid world. 
  • Importance of cultural studies and research while documenting urban spaces and territories. 
  • Aspects of a sustainable post-pandemic city


  • Understand basics of Urban Design and market places.
  • Work with students and mentors from across the world.
  • Engage through online sessions on various topics of Urban Design and Post Pandemic Cities. 
  • Learn how to conduct small field work sessions that can be done in your city.
  • Learn how to assess contextual issues in an urban fabric.

No. of Sessions


This International studio is an intensive 3-month program, designed and curated by experts in fields of Urban Design and Planning from India, Paris, South Korea etc.

session breakdown

Studio Timeline – 10th December 2020 to 5th February 2021 


Session 1 : Introduction to Marketplaces  and Introduction to the Design Studio

Session 2 : How does a Marketplace become the Urban Territory for Place making

Session 3: Case Studies of Market Places which our Partners have selected

Session 4: Identification and Case Study of Indian Market taken for study.

Session 5: Tools and Techniques for Documenting and Narrating the Space of the Markets.


  • Interaction every Friday with the French Mentors
  • Interaction and Problem Solving  with Indian Mentors as    per convenience of the Mentors

Stage 3

  • Interaction with the French Mentors every Friday 
  • To deliberate on the issues and solutions of these sites in Paris and in India .
  • This will culminate in being represented through actual installation on the site or Virtual Installation. 


  • (Further development of ‘Theme’- Architectural language)
  • FINAL JURY 5th February
  • Submission Follow up 18th February
  • Certificate Ceremony – TBD
  • The Detailed Plan of Action will be shared after the enrollment of the Students for this Studio.


With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go!

$150.00 $100.00

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International Design Studio: The Urbanity of Market Places post Pandemic: Issues and Resolutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the studio going to be conducted?

 The studio is an intensive program of 3 months which will be a mix of live courses, and will be conducted through an online webinar application, which allows the tutor and participants to interact, engage via polls, Q and A sessions, IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more.


  • Do I need a good internet connection to attend the studio?

 You do need a decent connection to stay online. However, most of the sessions will be conducted using PowerPoint presentations which requires only a fairly decent connection.


  • Can I cancel my purchase after buying the studio?

 You cannot cancel the purchase after buying the course as per C.R.E.A.D.H.L.E Organization's privacy policy.


  • How do I use the online webinar application?

 Complete details of how to use the preferred software will be shared via email.


  • I did not receive any emails regarding further registration? 

 Sometimes patience is the key and sometimes systems go berserk. If it’s the first case, be patient and search your updates tab/spam folder for emails under


  • Who do I contact in case of any queries or doubts? 

You can contact the team at

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Time & Duration

  • TBD

    This section will be updated shortly.

    Tentative Timeline – 7th December 2020 to Ist Week of March 2021