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Making a Portfolio – Live!

Are you at home to fight the coronavirus scare? Well, make use of the time and learn from home! While you socially distance yourself, watch our recordings from our past online courses’ range, all at a discounted price!

This Online Portfolio-making course will teach you how to make a perfect Architectural Portfolio! With just THREE SESSIONS, you can learn all the secrets there are to making a Portfolio that stands out from the rest!

With simple tricks, lessons and exercises you’ll know how to confidently present your works to the world! This will not just make you confident but also increase your chances of getting hired or getting selected for a Masters course, even abroad!

Over 73 students enrolled in our previous version of this course! But this revised version is even better! 

This course is designed to teach you the art of compiling and presenting your work in the most effortless of ways! We start from the very basics and make sure you know everything there is to designing a Portfolio!

We will guide you through the process which will slowly take you through sorting, managing your overall work and finally designing an ideal Portfolio.


What you’ll learn –

  • Learn the secrets to impress your potential employers with just three sessions.
  • Learn different methods to compile and present your academic/professional work.
  • You will learn how to manage, storyboard your work and make a concise and crisp Portfolio.
  • You will learn how to make a crisp CV/Resumé and draft cover letters for the process of application.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll have rough templates and presentation boards for your Portfolio, ready to be customized from your end.
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Leewardists Summer School – Documenting Old City of Nashik through Comics

Having conducted over 200 + workshops across India and abroad, we are delighted to conduct our very own summer school in Nashik, India where the 7-day workshop will be centered around comics, old cities and conversations around architecture.

About –
This summer school conducted by Leewardists in collaboration with local architects and conservationists from Nashik is an attempt to design a social event rather than an academic workshop, centered around learning from the old city of Nashik, it’s rich culture and heritage and using the tool of comics and visual narratives to communicate with the locals.

By combining heritage walks conducted by architects and a local conservationist with comic making sessions, breakout sessions, this residential workshop is set to bring students and professionals from architecture and design background together for an allied experience.

The summer school is set in HRD centre, Nashik with it’s architecture dating back to almost 100 years old with lush green trees all over the campus providing a free environment for participants and mentors to interact.

When is this happening?
The summer school will take place from May 20 – 27, 2024

Where is this happening?
The summer school will take place in HRD Centre, Nashik.
The 7 day workshop is a residential workshop along with dedicated site visits in the old historic city of Nashik along with a few excursions and exhibitions planned at the end of the workshop.

What all is included?
The fees includes workshop fees, local food (all 3 meals) for 6 days.
The fees does not include participant’s travel to Nashik and local travel.

Is this open for Professionals?

Any requirements?
The workshop will be a hands-on workshop. However, participants should carry their own laptops/other devices that they may think are useful for the workshop.
No software needed.
Open for all years.

Is there a scholarship available?
We are not providing any concession as of now. But do not hesitate to write to us at if you have a earnest interest in the workshop. The team will look into your case and get back to you.

Total Seats

Mentors –

Ar. Shreya Khandekar

Ar. Anuj Kale

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Field Workshop – Documenting Traditional Water Systems of Jaipur

The workshop hosted in Jaipur and Amer will provide a perspective on the heritage water structures and traditional systems and will explore their relationship and integration with the current urban fabric of the city. The workshop will be centered around Jaipur and Amer. The themes covered by the workshop will be around urbanity of the built structures with the water systems, relationship of water with the communities, history and heritage, and climate responsiveness in traditional buildings, relevance of conservation and restoration of traditional systems in current context.

The 10-day workshop will present the participants with a chance to closely study the water structures, and have a dialogue with agencies, communities, and engage in in-depth discourse with local experts.

The workshop will be hosted around multiple sites in jaipur from March 10th – 19th in the presence of local guides, urban designers, planners and academicians from Navi Mumbai and Aayojain, Jaipur, together with our resource partners, Leewardists, Célia Lebarbey, and Marylène Negro, for producing visual narratives through comics, documentaries and photograhy.
Followed by meetings and site visits, heritage walks and lectures, the students will work with mentors and experts to analyze their research and develop proposals and innovative solutions in various formats to be presented in front of a collective international jury comprised of local agencies, academicians, and experts in the workshop’s topic for a more comprehensive understanding.

What to Expect?
• Observe and document the historical water systems of Jaipur and Amer.
• Learn the art of visual storytelling in architecture and produce narratives with the Leewardists.
• Exchange knowledge and learn from different experts from France and Jaipur.

When is it?
March 10th – 19th

Where is it?
Jaipur and Amer, Rajasthan
Please look at the detailed schedule below. Schedule will also be emailed to the participants upon purchase.

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Leewardists Urban Travelogue Bundle – South Korea, India, Bangladesh

All books are a product of ’15 days’ of documentation of occupations in Mokpo, South Korea, Chitpur Road, Kolkata, India and Puran Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh with a team of students from colleges in India, France, Bangladesh and South Korea. These travelogues are written and sketched by Anuj Kale and Shreya Khandekar, who are both architects and comic artists. They travel around these cities and through their experiences in the urban territories, they narrate their understanding of the territories, their interaction with them and the people.

With this attempt, we are trying to introduce a new dimension to travelogues – a form of urban travel writing that talks about urbanity and different built environments in a simple and engaging format.

These travelogues have been made in collaboration with many organizations, fellow architects, mentors, professors and students we met during the Indo-French, Indo-Korea and Indo-Bangla-French Workshops. These collaborations are a wonderful means of not only knowledge exchange but also learning from different cultures and people around the world.



3 travelogues – Mokpo, South Korea, Kolkata, India, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This product is a bundle of 3 physical copies. YAY! And we are shipping International too! Double YAY!

Recommended for architecture, urban studies students/professionals, readers interested in urban documentation and stories.

This is a pre-order purchase. All items will ship on March 22, 2023.

Get a leewardists merch free for purchase of 2 bundles.

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  • Naturally dyed palm flower and wooden beads. 


  • Collapsible. 
  • Ring provided for hanging the toran.
  • Suitable for indoors.
  • Completely hand crafted using eco- friendly natural materials.
  • Made by tribal of Dahanu.


  • Height – 150 cms Or 60”
  • Weight – 100 gms


  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  • Keep away from heavy moisture.


  • In 5-ply corrugated boxes with newspaper filling.
  • Packaging cost inclusive.


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  • Wooden beads and ghunghroos.


  • Collapsible. 
  • Ring provided for hanging the toran.
  • Suitable for indoors.
  • Completely handcrafted using eco-friendly natural materials.
  • Made by tribal of Dahanu.


  • Height – 150 cms or 60”
  • Weight –95 gms


  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  • Keep away from heavy moisture.


  • In 5-ply corrugated boxes with newspaper filling.
  • Packaging cost inclusive.
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Architecture Briefs and Design Concepts – Decoding Design process with Simple Methods

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Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $20.00.

Are you at home to fight the coronavirus scare? Well, make use of the time and learn from home! While you socially distance yourself, watch our recordings from our past online courses’ range, all at a discounted price!

This Online Course on ‘Architecture Briefs and Design Concepts’ will teach you how to get a head start to a perfect Pre-Design! With just TWO SESSIONS, you can learn how to crack your Architecture briefs and derive concepts which are out of the box yet functional!

In this Online Crash Course, we will teach you the importance of understanding different aspects of a Design problem to come up with solutions that are contextual and functional. These two sessions will help you with how to take a rough idea to concrete design decisions! With small live exercises, you will learn how to apply the course learnings to solve simple design problems!

With simple tricks, lessons and exercises you’ll not only know how to crack Architecture briefs but also learn how to use it to come up with good design concepts. Not just that! With our methods, you’ll learn how to come up with concepts that add ‘value’ instead of just being a brand!

This is a fresh Online Crash Course designed for two sessions which can help you even if you are in the middle of the semester!

This course is designed to help you with a good design process that helps in the long run! Coming up with a good design concept involves both problem solving and value addition, something which most of us miss out on! This course will help you with different methods and exercises to understand how to approach any Design in the right manner! ***

***This session is designed only for students pursuing their bachelors and masters degree in Architecture. If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at  before purchasing the course!

Topics that will be covered –  

  • Overview of Pre-Design process and its importance.
  • Understanding how to read briefs and identify the hidden challenges.
  •  Different ways to approach a Design.
  • Difference between Design Approach and deriving concepts.
  • How to come up with good yet functional design concepts.
  • Different concept derivation in the design fraternity.
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As an Architect, we need to carry forward an approach that gives justice to any design. An ideal design process does not aim to just solve the issue at hand but also add value to the context. 

But then how does one come up with concepts? And especially when it’s just 2 weeks left for your design studio to end! This Online Crash Course is here just to help you with that! Not just will this crash course teach you how to crack your Design Brief but also understand different ways you can come up with Design Concepts in just TWO SESSIONS! 

This Online Crash Course is going to teach you how to develop a method of your own to crack any Pre-Design process!

This course will be a combination of live sessions and lessons that you can easily take from anywhere around the world.

With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go! 

The course is perfectly divided into two sessions to teach how to look at Architecture Briefs and develop good Design Concepts relevant to your Design problem!

Recorded Version

Recorded Version


If you are about to start with your Design Studio and are confused about how to come up with good design concepts, then you are in the right place!

The major problem noticed among Architecture Students is not getting a good head start to their Pre-Design process hence left confused during actual design!

This online course will teach you how one can easily crack this important yet tedious process and help it make interesting!

The crash course is divided into just two sessions. The first session will talk about the importance of understanding and cracking Architecture briefs. The session comprises of quick live exercises to help you understand the course better! 

The second session will teach you different methods for deriving good concepts for your Designs and understand how Bjarke Ingels uses BIGAMY to come up with crazy yet functional concepts. 



  • Understanding the importance of Architecture Briefs and how it plays an important role to crack a good Design concept.
  • Learn methods for Design thinking and problem solving to come up with good Designs.
  • Decode B.I.G.’s* idea of BIGAMY and how it can help you to come up with good design concepts.          *B.I.G. – Bjarke Ingels Group of Architects
  • With live and quick design exercises, learn how to use the learnings of the course to come up with functional design concepts.

Time and Duration

SESSION I – 01st February, Saturday – 1 hour 30 minutes

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT

SESSION II 02nd February,  Sunday – 1 hour 30 minutes 

11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT  ‘or’ 07 PM IST/1:30 PM GMT


Who can take this course?

  • Students who are about to start with their Design Studio and want to learn how to go ahead with deriving good Design concepts.
  • Students who wish to learn how to crack Architecture briefs and different methods one can use to come up with good design concepts.
  • Students who are about to start with their Thesis Design.
  • Students who are stuck with their Designs and wish to learn how to come up with good concepts.


How is the course going to be conducted?

These courses are live courses, conducted through an application called Zoom, which allows the tutor and participants to interact, engage via polls, Q and A sessions, IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more.

What is the difference between 11 AM IST/05:30 AM GMT and 07 PM IST/01:30 PM GMT sessions?

The two slots are kept keeping in mind the different time zones. The dates and timings mentioned are subjective to Indian Standard Time. The dates may change due to the differing time zones. Please check the dates and timings relative to your time zone.

(For eg; 11 AM in India- 12:30 AM in New York, 07 PM in India – 09:30 AM in New York)

Do I need a good internet connection to attend the course?

You do need a decent connection to stay online. However, most of the session is conducted using powerpoint presentations and I Pad sessions which requires only a fairly decent connection.

Can I switch from one session to the other?

Yes, you can switch before the sessions go live. However, once a subjective timing is attended by a participant, the slot cannot be changed after that.

Can I cancel my purchase after buying the course?

You cannot cancel the purchase, however, you can transfer the course to a friend/colleague.

Can I transfer the course to a friend if I don’t want to continue with the course?

Yes, you can transfer the course before the course goes live. In this case, one has to provide valid details of the other participant for us to verify.

What if I buy courses for two from one account?

You can buy as many courses from one payable account. All you have to do is provide emails and other necessary details of the other participants for us to verify. Then sit together and enjoy or participate from separate systems, is completely your choice!

How do I use Zoom?

Complete details of how to use the Zoom software is shared via a video upon registration, which will be a part of your introduction lesson. Apart from that, upon registering for the session, Zoom will send you links to download an app suitable for your preferred choice of device as well as for instructions to use the software.

When does the session go live and when do I log in?

We strongly recommend joining the session 15 mins before the given timings to avail perks like interaction with the tutor, listening to some awkward jokes and watching our comic-making process.

I cannot find my zoom link for logging in to the course.

Upon registration, you receive a confirmation mail from Zoom itself which contains the joining link which is unique to each participant. These emails usually go to your updates tab of the inbox section.

I did not receive any emails regarding further registration?

Sometimes patience is the key and sometimes systems go berserk. If it’s the first case, be patient and search your updates tab/spam folder for emails under ‘ZOOM’. If it’s the second, drop us a query at

When do I get the recording of the previous session?

After 24 hours the session is over.

How long are the recordings kept on?

They will stay live for 4 days after uploading the video.

Can I view the recordings if I am not able to attend the live session?

Yes, you will receive the recordings 24 hours after the live session is conducted. You can view them if unfortunately, you have not been a part of the live session.

When will I receive my deliverables?

You will receive the promised deliverables like certificates after the course is over. However, it depends on the category of the course if there any other deliverables other than certificates promised.

I have purchased the course, now what?

Hey, thanks for buying our course! You just bought a good amount of dinner for us! After purchasing the course, you will receive two emails on your registered email id, containing the invoice and the login details. Please use them to create an account on our Online Course. Doing so, you will be able to access all the pre-requisite lessons and exercises and also view the recordings if you have missed the session.


  1. This course talks about the general overview of the Pre-Design process, understanding Architecture briefs and deriving Design Concepts.
  2. No deliverables in the form of course presentation will be given from our end.
  3. No particular concepts or design briefs will be mentioned during the course.
  4. This course is only for students pursuing their bachelors and masters degree in Architecture. If you are a professional who wishes to participate, drop us a mail on before making the purchase.

7 reviews for Architecture Briefs and Design Concepts – Decoding Design process with Simple Methods

  1. Harretha Rani (verified owner)

    Valuable course with lots of eyeopeners . Happy to join the session.
    Looking forward to join next course

  2. Vinitha Milevahanan (verified owner)

    Myself, Vairoshini and Harretha are friends from the same class and we are here for the past 3 courses – Thesis, Case Study and Site Analysis and now Briefs and Design Concepts. We are currently doing our Urban design and next will be our Thesis. The whole process of the courses made us think, visualize, share and relate to each other in terms of design. And most importantly thanks for the positive vibes and interesting and understandable sketches and presentations which we can recollect easily anytime.

  3. shresthamanashi (verified owner)

    A much needed course to clarify everything from the basics to decoding the brief and coming up with your own concept. Thank you for the opportunity to learn things that aren’t taught in the college. Looking forward to join future webinars as well.

  4. Shrinidhi Bhat (verified owner)

    The session was absolutely great. Very informative and changed the perspective of thinking differently. Thank you leewardists !!

  5. Divyanshi Trivedi (verified owner)

    Session was very informative. i learned and enjoyed. thank uou leewardist.

  6. keerthana nair (verified owner)

    Thank you for taking away the fear from this word “concept” which all of us architecture students struggle till the end of our design.

  7. nuthanad17 (verified owner)

    It was a really good session. I have completed watching session 1 . I was actually regretting for missing the online session on feb 1&2. But then the sale for the recored session made me very happy. It was really informative . The examples which were given were really useful. I found much related with way it was explained.

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