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The Road to Internship - How to Apply for your Dream Internship.

This Online Course on Architectural Internships will teach you all there is to the process of applying for an Internship!

In these THREE SESSIONS, you’ll crack all the secrets there are for applying to your dream office!

This course starts from the very basics of understanding of different Architectural firms, how to make interest specific portfolios, write on-point crisp cover letters and much more. 

What you’ll learn –

  • Learn and develop skills of applying for architectural internships.
  • Learn the simple secrets to impress your potential employers with just three sessions.
  • Learn basics of compilation and presentation to make a good Portfolio.
  • Learn how to make an impressive Application that makes you stand out.
  • You will learn how to make a crisp CV/Resumé and draft cover letters for the process of application.
  • Learn how to document and track your overall progress during the internship
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