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Leewardists Freshmen Orientation Workshop - A perfect welcome to First Year of Architecture.

First year of Architecture college is like all hell broke loose for a new student. It’s a complete shift from normal Senior High School to understanding what goes in the ‘design world’ and subjects that one has never even heard of before!

Leewardists’ Freshmen Orientation workshop is especially designed to help a first year student, make that shift! 

With fun games and hands-on team building exercises, not only these students will be introduced to the world of design, but it will also act as an icebreaker between them.

With these major thoughts in mind, the workshop would be interactive, innovative and inquisitive, fun in order to explore and introduce the course and its vastness.

This 2 day workshop is designed to slowly introduce the students to different aspects of Design and Architecture through learnings of history. The workshop also focuses on importance of presentation and vocation in Architecture. 

Brief agenda for the 2 day Workshop- 

  •  Day 1 – Introduction to Leewardists’, importance of Design and Art through examples of history, initiating the game.
  • Day 2  – Finalizing the workshop products, working on final Presentation Boards, Q&A session. 

A detailed agenda is mentioned in the document. Please click on the button below to view the document. If you wish to contact our team for further details of the workshop, please drop us a mail on

Previous Workshop Photographs –

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