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This online course will teach you how one can make comics and present it on social media. Not just that, it will teach you how to reach out to your audience and make relatable content.

Through this course, we will help you crack the art of storytelling using different methods and formulas.

This course is designed to teach you much more, like designing your own characters, building a personalized theme, setting storylines and making your own page to brand it!

  • Thank you for attending the webinar! The course deliverables have expired as per our terms.

What Others Have Said

A really good introduction to making comics!
By: Soundharya S

We were guided step by step with assignments after each session helping us understand the lessons better. Individual attention and critique of our work along with some really useful pointers were given which was what I liked the most. The online sessions were clear and user-friendly. Overall, a well-curated workshop for anyone who wants to start off creating their own social media comics.

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