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This Online Course on ‘Final Design Presentation’ is focused on Architecture and Interior design students for their final juries and presentation. 

In this Online Course, we will teach you the importance of understanding different aspects of a Design problem to come up with customized presentation boards. With small live exercises, you will learn how to apply the course learnings to your final presentation process! 

With simple tricks, lessons and exercises you’ll not only know how to crack this tedious process but also be confident about your design! Not just that! With our methods, you’ll learn how to come up with narration or a story for your design process!

2 thoughts on “Final Design Presentation (Visual and Verbal) – 11 AM”

  1. Thank you leewardistschool for such a great initiative for students. Your classes are very helpful.
    Anuj sir, You are passing gift to future genrations, and playing a role of “YODA”.

  2. This was the best workshop I ever attended in my 4 years of Architectural academic life. Thank you and the whole leewardist team for making this happen.

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