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This online course on ‘Architecture Briefs and Design Concepts’ will teach you how to get a head start to a perfect Pre-Design! With just TWO SESSIONS, you can learn how to crack your Architecture briefs and derive concepts which are out of the box yet functional!

In this Online Crash Course, we will teach you the importance of understanding different aspects of a Design problem to come up with solutions that are contextual and functional. These two sessions will help you with how to take a rough idea to concrete design decisions! With small live exercises, you will learn how to apply the course learnings to solve simple design problems!

2 thoughts on “Architecture Briefs and Design Concepts – Decoding Design process with Simple Methods – 07 PM”

  1. hey i want to join really for
    “Case Studies and Site Analysis in Architecture – A Complete Guide to a Pre-Design Process.”
    it is showing out of stock plz let me join ….i have also attended your previous seminars as well ..

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