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Did you miss the Live Course on 'Introduction to Urban Design'? Then get the recorded sessions of this course at 60% discount! 

This Online Recorded Course on will teach you the basics of Urban Design Studies. With just THREE SESSIONS, we will introduce you to different theories, tangible-intangible aspects, history and evolution related to urban design. 

about this course

This new online recorded course will teach you how one can easily approach the vast course of Urban Design Studies. 

The course is divided into three sessions. The first session will introduce the basics of Urban Design.

The next two-sessions will talk about different elements of Urban Design, evolution of urbanity, public urban spaces and design, different terminologies, shift of different contexts over time, study different authors and their theories. It will also include different case studies to understand implementation of theories in real life projects, importance of self-sufficient cities and present scenario of COVID-19 and its effects on existing and future city designs. 

With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your own personal system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go! The recordings are from our latest live sessions conducted during our summer school. These recordings will be available for 15 days after the purchase along with online lessons and exercises which can be taken easily from home.

Meet your mentor 

The sessions will be conducted by Ar. Anuj Kale, an architect and urban designer and the founder of Leewardists. 

for whom is this course?

  1. Students who are about to start with their Urban Design semester or have thesis topics related to Urban Design. 
  2. Students who wish to learn about the basics of Urban Design Studies. 
  3. Students who wish to know more about Urban Design before taking up higher or master studies.

Note: If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at before purchasing the course!

what you will learn?

  1. Understanding the need and basics of Urban Design.
  2. Difference between Architecture, Urban planning and urban design
  3. Learn through history, how definitions of urban design has changed and evolved. 
  4. Learn how different factors and aspects of urban design studies that decide how cities are shaped. 
  5. Learn how elements such as economy and finance, culture. Bureaucracy, technology, local context etc. play a role in defining language of a city. 
  6. Learn the importance of urban design for self-sufficient city designs. 
  7. Learn about shift of contexts. 
  8. Understand importance of urban design through live projects and case studies. 
  9. Understand different issues and crises that the modern cities are facing today and how urban design can be a part of the solution. 
  10. Learn different theories proposed by famous authors and urban designers over time. 
  11. Learn different terminologies and concepts in urban design.
  12. Learn how Urban Design plays a vital role in present times of COVID-19 and how can it change post covid?


  1. There is absolutely no prior experience required to take this course
  2. No software is needed
  3. Only lots of sketchbooks or rough papers and some pens :)

topics covered

  1. Introduction to Urban Design Studies.
  2. What does an Urban Designer do?
  3. Elements of Urban Design 
  4. Authors and theories in Urban Design 
  5. Evolution of Urbanity 
  6. Urban Design terminologies and definitions 
  7. Difference in contexts and change in Urbanity 
  8. Contextual Urban Design through case studies 
  9. Covid-19 and its effects on urban design.


  1. With simple methods, lessons and exercises you'll know how to approach urban design. With our methods, you'll learn how to make a smooth transition from architecture to Urban Design. Whether you are approaching an urban design studio or wish to pursue higher studies in urban design – this course will give you an overview of the course for you to explore the wide opportunities it has to offer. 
  2. Through different cases around the world, we will learn how urban design has changed over time and contexts. This will eventually help you to enjoy the Urban Design course rather than feeling lost! 
  3. The sessions will have a lot of live exercises and interactive quizzes to help you understand different ways to approach Urban Studies. Moreover, all the recordings will be available for you to go back and forth and revise.

Number of Sessions: 3

session breakdown

Session I – Introduction to Urban Design Studies and its evolution.

Session II – Elements that define urban design, different authors, theories and terminologies, case studies and famous projects.

Session III – COVID-19 and its impact on Urban design policies and projects.


With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go!


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Course Reviews

5 reviews for Introduction to Urban Design – Basics of Urban Studies (Recorded Version)

  1. Larlo Ray Ormoc (Verified Owner)

    This is my first urban design course and I totally enjoyed this one. I love how detailed and well-planned each session was especially how it was discussed. I liked the assignments too as it helps me to understand more each topic. Thank you for a great course!

  2. Aditi Shreedhar (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the course! Aptly designed and curated,illustrated presentations and very good delivery of well- researched content. Learnt a lot about cities around the world! Discussions were interactive through an easy to navigate/operate online platform. Highly recommended for students to get a better understanding of what urban design is all about.

  3. Sunaini Talanki (verified owner)

    One of the best online courses attended. Sessions were interactive and engaging. Good amount of case-studies and relative texts help in better understanding of the basic concepts.

  4. Pallavi Damodara (verified owner)

    A staple course for all those who want a quick, original and interactive introduction to Urban Design. Live sketch demos and pop quizzing with apt case studies & assignments help in giving a consummate experience. Highly recommend to students and anyone who would want a brief but brilliant kickstart into the subject of Urban Design!

  5. sswena1 (verified owner)

    I really wanna thank the Leewardists team for these amazing sessions…As I’m planning for a master’s in Urban Design so I was looking for such a session or anything which helps me to make me understand more about this field and guess what these sessions help me a lot in many ways. And I just want to add one thing, that the way you teach makes everything so simple to grasp which eventually creates more interest in the topic. So, thank you so much for this session!!!

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Time & Duration

The recorded course is a compilation of the latest live sessions conducted by tutor Ar. Anuj Kale. 

The course is an extensive 12 hour course divided into three sessions.

Session I – Introduction to Introduction to Urban Design Studies and its evolution 

Time – 4 hours


Session II – Elements that define urban design, different authors, theories and terminologies, case studies and famous projects

Time – 4 hours


Session III – COVID-19 and its impact on Urban design policies and projects.

Time – 4 hours