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Did you miss the Live Course on 'Introduction to Housing'? Then get the recorded sessions of the course at 60% discount! With just THREE SESSIONS, we will introduce you to different typologies, tangible-intangible aspects related to urban housing.

about this course

This online course will teach you how one can easily approach the vast topic of Housing in Architecture.

The course is divided into three sessions. The first session will introduce Housing and its evolution. 

The next two-sessions will talk about different typologies in housing, problems and complexities in the housing sector in an urban scenario. It will also include different case studies to understand different types and scales of housing, the importance of self-sufficient surroundings and present scenario of COVID-19 and its effects on future housing.

With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your own personal system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go! The recordings are from our latest live sessions conducted during our summer school. These recordings will be available for 15 days after the purchase along with online lessons and exercises which can be taken easily from home.

for whom is this course?

  • Students who are about to start with their Housing semester or are approaching their design on housing.
  • Students who wish to learn about Architecture Housing and different aspects of it.

Note: If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at before purchasing the course!

what you will learn?

  • Understanding the need and basics of Housing.
  • Learn through history, how definitions of housing has changed from a single dwelling to community living and secured communities today.
  • Learn how different factors and aspects affect housing in the urban scenario.
  • Learn the importance of bylaws in the urban housing sector.
  • Learn about different typologies in detail
  • Understand importance of amenities and recreation spaces.
  • Understand different issues and crises that the urban housing faces today.
  • Learn how to decipher case studies virtually in times where you cannot go for a live case study :)


  • There is absolutely no prior experience required to take this course
  • No software is needed
  • Only lots of sketchbooks or rough papers and some pens :)

topics covered

  • Introduction to Housing.
  • Define Livability and its factors
  • Importance of Bye laws and how it affects design
  • Urbanization and its effects on housing
  • Typlogies of housing; affordable housing, incremental housing, adaptable housing
  • Importance of qualitative and quantitative parameters in housing design
  • Discussion on importance of self sufficient surroundings
  • Introduction to different case studies
  • Identifying users and their needs before approaching design/li>


With simple methods, lessons and exercises you'll know how to approach a housing design that is sensitive and is relevant to the present scenario. With our methods, you'll learn how to start with your semester and resolve challenges that come with the design exercise. You will also learn how to decipher case studies and study important spaces in housing virtually, especially during the time of pandemic, with our fun and easy methods. This will eventually help you to enjoy the process of Housing design rather than feeling lost! 

The sessions will have a lot of live exercises and interactive quizzes to help you understand different ways to approach Housing semester. Moreover, all the recordings will be available for you to go back and forth and revise. 

Number of Sessions: 3

session breakdown

Session I – Introduction to Housing and definition of livability

Session II – Different livability factors and evolution of housing

Session III – Methods to crackdown case studies virtually.


With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go!


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Course Reviews

8 reviews for Introduction to Housing – Basics of Architecture Housing. (Recorded Version)

  1. manushi.sheth (verified owner)

    This was really a great workshop leewardists! Perfect for introduction to housing anyone can have. So much of efforts and thought put into this. A good deal! Thanks for this workshop! ?

  2. Nirmal Arapada (verified owner)

    it is not just an introduction to housing, it is a more than an introduction,as we are the architect we know the housing is also the core part of the architecture, I learn housing from you people and I started implementing in my housing studio. thank you for giving your knowledge.

  3. TEJAL PALASKAR (verified owner)

    This was the first time I attended the Leewardist school for Housing course. But during all the sessions I never felt that I was new in this family. Their style of teaching really helps us understand things in a better way. During this course I learned all the aspects of housing in detail. They also showed us different housing case studies and taught us the process in which the case studies are done. Overall the course is really helpful for architecture students. Thank you so much Leewardist school for this course. Now I feel that I can work confidently on my housing project for my thesis !!!

  4. Yash Baradia (verified owner)

    Amazing insight on the Housing aspect. A very interesting way to learn and the efforts that went into it reflects pretty well. Hats off to the team for the planning and execution of the course.
    Very helpful.
    Future of learning.

  5. Deepanshi Choudhary (verified owner)

    An excellent course. I highly recommend it. This course provides learners with the concepts and skills necessary for a housing project. Lectures are clear and well organized.

  6. Albert Philip (verified owner)

    Online teaching can be so fun, for real! Thankyou Leewardists for amazing, involving and very productive sessions. These are not any middle-of-the-road or mediocre sit-and-watch sessions; these are highly productive and well-thought learning haven. It’s worth the money you pay.

  7. Nipun Khapekar (verified owner)

    This course is really useful to develop understanding and knowledge of the housing projects.
    These live sessions are just fun to attend while comprehending the content.
    At last Thankyou team Leewardists. 🙂

  8. NEHA LAD (verified owner)

    The projects I take with Leewardists I become more better person in outside world. I’m glad that it was my priority and would love to continue. Thank You for growing me in a better architect with my own vision. Keep Growing!

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Time & Duration

The recorded course is a compilation of the latest live sessions conducted by tutor Ar. Anuj Kale.

The course is an extensive 12 hour course divided into three sessions. 

Session I – Introduction to Housing 

Time –  4 hours

Session II – Livability factors that affect housing design and evolution

Time –  3:30 hours

Session III – How to find and analyse case studies

Time –  4:30 hours