Final Design Presentation - Visual and Verbal (Recorded Version)



Did you miss the Live Course on 'Final Design Presentation'? Then get the recorded sessions of this course at 60% discount! This Online Recorded Course will teach you how to come up with presentation ideas for a final design jury, both visual and verbal.

about this course

If you are almost done with your design semester, with final jury fear setting in then this is just the right course for you! 

 The major problem noticed among Architecture Students is the sheet composition for final presentation. With cluttered storyboarding and no continuity, the design process does not reflect in the presentation boards, leaving you with no confidence before the final jury!

 This online recorded course will teach you how one can easily get clarity of thought and work with easy methods to come up with the final presentation ideas, both visual and verbal.

The course is an extensive 12 hour course divided into three sessions inclusive of 10 online chapters on Final Design Presentation. The recordings are from our latest live sessions conducted during our winter school. These recordings will be available for 15 days after the purchase along with online lessons and exercises which can be taken easily from home.  

The first session talks about clarity of thought and representation before approaching final presentation boards. It further talks about the triangle method which includes writing about your project, drawing elements and storyboarding. 

The next session talks about storyboarding, presentation boards and type of drawings in detail. 

The last session includes tutor Ar. Anuj Kale, composing a set of sheets using all the methods and learnings from the previous session through an interactive game with the participants. The session ends with tips on verbal presentation.

for whom is this course?

Students who are about to end with their design semester and starting with their final presentation boards.

Students who wish to learn how to improve their design presentation and jury skills.

Students who are conducting their final Thesis and wish to improve their presentation skills.

Note: If you are a professional and wish to participate in the course, please drop us an email at before purchasing the course!

what you will learn?

  • Understanding the importance of 'clarity of thought' to come up with good presentation skills and how it lies within the design process itself.
  • Learn methods like storyboarding to come up with good presentation boards.
  • Decode different kinds of presentation boards/templates to narrate a design process.
  • Learn last-minute hacks which can be used for good presentation sheets.
  • Learn different methods for easy verbal narration and explanation of your design process.
  • Learn composition of sheets and editing through a live exercise conducted by Ar. Anuj Kale through an interactive session with the participants


  • There is absolutely no prior experience required to take this course
  • No software is needed
  • Only lots of sketchbooks or rough papers and some pens :)

topics covered

  • Overview of the Design Process and how it can help with good presentation skills.
  • Understanding how to work with different storyboarding methods.
  •  Different ways to narrate a design process.
  • How to come up with good yet functional presentation boards.
  • Tips on drawing details and editing 
  • Composition of presentation boards and templates 
  • Usage of colour pallets
  • Live composition of a presentation board


  • This Online Recorded Course on 'Final Design Presentation' is focused towards Architecture and Interior design students for their final juries and presentation. 
  • In this Course, we will teach you the importance of understanding different aspects of a Design problem to come up with customized presentation boards. With small live exercises, you will learn how to apply the course learnings to your final presentation process! 
  • With simple tricks, lessons and exercises you'll not only know how to crack this tedious process but also be confident about your design. Not just that! With our methods, you'll learn how to come up with narration or a story for your design process. 
  • Moreover, all the recordings will be available for you to go back and forth and revise.
  • Learn more about the process of final presentation through live discussions of participants and tutor Ar. Anuj Kale in the last session.

Number of Sessions: 3

session breakdown

  • The crash course is divided into just three sessions. 
  • The first session will talk about the importance of understanding the design process and having clarity of thought. With using a different approach towards this process, we will help you break down your design process into important keywords which will help you with the presentation. 
  • The second session will teach you about storyboarding to come up with different presentation board templates. It will also talk about the type of drawings and the quality of drawings for a good presentation.  
  • The third session will teach you about verbal presentation and how one can take hints from the design process to weave a good story or a narration. It  also includes tutor Ar. Anuj Kale, composing a set of sheets using all the methods and learnings from the previous session through an interactive game with the participants.


With our Online Learning Management System, each of you will have your system, where you can take lessons, submit assignments, ask any doubts in one go!


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Final Design Presentation - Visual and Verbal (Recorded Version)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are recorded Courses?

These courses are recorded sessions with IPad sessions, screen sharing and much more. One can view these course through their personal accounts on our website. 

  • Can I cancel my purchase after buying the course?

You cannot cancel the purchase, however, you can transfer the course to a friend/colleague.

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Yes, you can transfer the course within 1 day after the purchase is made. In this case, one has to provide valid details of the other participant for us to verify.

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They will stay live for 15 days after the purchase has been made. 

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You can purchase our variation for each of our recorded webinars – 'lifetime access' and you will have be able to recordings forever till eternity! :)

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You will receive the promised deliverables like certificates after the course is over. However, it depends on the category of the course if there any other deliverables other than certificates promised.

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  • If I have any doubts about the exercises or lessons, who can I contact?

We understand that the recorded sessions don't give you an opportunity to interact with us live or ask any doubts, but you can always email us your queries at Since we are a small team, we might just need yelling from your end, but we will come around and help you. With anything :)

Time & Duration

The recorded course is a compilation of the latest live sessions conducted by tutor Ar. Anuj Kale. 

The course is an extensive 12 hour course divided into three sessions. 

Session I – Understanding the Design process

Time – 4:00 Hours 


Session II – Storyboarding and Presentation Boards

Time – 4:00 Hours                      


Session III – Verbal Presentation and live composition of a project

Time – 4:00 Hours