A comic on the women safety issue of the city:

As a team of Urbanists at Leewardists we thought of coming up with another side of the coin, which we feel is one of the important aspects related to women safety. When a city is designed properly half the job is done. Urban Design / City Design is an aspect which is often left unnoticed but is of utmost importance while dealing with not only issues like ‘Women safety’ but also larger level sustainability concerns..be it ecology or economy.


This comic is an attempt to look into the different areas in the city and how their form is directly related to the feeling of being safe or unsafe to women. Therefore, it is an info-comic based on analysis and descriptions about women safety as felt across different built environs within any Indian city.

The Team for Leewardists are as follows – 

  1. Anuj Vijay Kale
  2. Sourav Banerjea
  3. Hima Patel

More information about Urban Design as a study and a profession. Log on to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_design

WomenSafety_1 WomenSafety_2