Could you all visualize the trauma I went through?

Well, this is how it all started. 

One sunny Monday morning, I woke up and decided to take up the doctor’s job. I thought, let’s save some lives (or knock ém dead!) 

because my professional career as an architect was mocked down by my neighbour’s cousin, a day before. Nothing could’ve made my day worse than the disturbing sight of that claustrofu**ed piece of ‘art’.

Proud as the neighbour-cousin duo could be, I was vomiting in my bag while I was being ridiculed by the fact that they just had to pick some plans from the ‘WORLD WIDE WEB’, hire a contractor, throw in their stupid ideas and spit it out in a 30ft. x 40ft. plot.


 Oh! What a great job! Take all my money now. Better yet, take my degree I worked my ass off for 5 years. 

But isn’t this common? Isn’t this world filled with talented cousins that can draw ‘diagrams’ (that we so judiciously call designs/ideas/plans/air/food/sweat/anything? No? Okay) and be proud every time an architect dies trying to land one job for oneself?

I am not here to fight though, hell I can’t fight the treacherous ‘asking for 100 changes in the drawings’ clients, this here is a talented guy, a jack of all and master of anything you can name. I am here to ask one question, is it okay if we take up someone else’s job? Okay. Let me do your finances and taxes for one day. 3

I’ll take 10% of what you pay to your Chartered Accountant. I’ll google the basics, I swear, but I can’t guarantee the loss. You’d say, you’re crazy, that this isn’t the same as drawing and scribbling on paper, that design is just some tablet you can have after your meal and poop out the next morning.

Hold your horses! I’ve been wishing the same, but it usually takes me thirty tours to the loo to even emerge with a concept.


The point I am trying to make here is that every job in this world requires the mind, heart and ‘SKILLSETS’ that one acquires through learning, practicing, evolving, and innovating. Not that I am implying that one can only learn and acquire them in esteemed organizations or institutes.

But it’s important that one invests endless amount of time and labour to be skilled enough to pull off a job because you don’t want to end up knowing your wound never healed cause you were too lazy to go to the doctor and your fancy IKEA furniture didn’t fit cause you spent all the money….well…urm…on furniture.

So, 50 years later when you get arthritis because of the staircase riser as huge as that of your cousin’s talent bank, blame the cousin; and next time, HIRE AN ARCHITECT!


June 10, 2018, | written by Shreya Khandekar | sketches provided by Urmila A. Koti