But does it end there? I somehow ended up in a college that is celebrating its

‘25 glorious years’ and got ranked #5 lately.

How do these people really decide which school is the best? Is it based on some real sounding fudged up data that no one can question or do they go and examine each of them individually?

Hmm…they’re doing some real hard work if it’s the latter.

I mean, isn’t these some sort of cosmetic layers that you put up after you deal and fix with what’s really going on the inside? What about their performances in the professional world?

What are the actual, real determinants to have a debate over being the best? You can’t determine that a batch now, will be as good as the one, a decade ago.

and the teaching methodologies are being dragged like a rag doll. So how can one rely on these manipulated numbers and blindly follow them just like I did?


 Okay. Let’s take an example of what makes a good play.

So, even if we are spoon-fed the least of things, what does it all boil down to? Whom will we hold responsible for the ‘image’ of our schools?

The administration, professors, the infrastructure?

These are just aids, helping us (or not) to find our way into the professional world.

But, ultimately, it hinges on us to hone our skills over these years, produce work that defines oneself and eventually the school that you represent.

But, does this ‘work representing my college’ theory applies to only the cream students?

How can one person or a team of few represent the philosophy of the entire college?

Each and every one of us has to get out in the real world someday,

and out there,

it’s one individual’s work and skillsets that gives one that unique identity.


Out there, we are all the same.

You can’t decide, to not interact with a person who’s from an average school, just because he/she is from one.

For all you know, he/she is much better at work and is appreciated more than you’ll ever imagine for yourself.

And this perpetuating phenomenon of producing defined deliverables is another hoax that we need to come out of.

All of us are different, physically, mentally!

So, how can we have same skill sets as the person sitting next to you?

We are not wired like robots to do the same thing as the other.

 it’s up to us whether to be a slave to the system or take our fate in OUR OWN HANDS!


Ultimately, it’s on ‘you’ to know what works best for ‘you’!


June 30, 2018, | written by Shreya Khandekar