I remember it was a stressed out day, tears almost drowning me to my head, I had had it when the professor scared us to our core. I was hoping that a teleporter could take me back home when my senior thankfully, made me rethink my decision.


Now that I have somehow landed in IV year of my course, I can really understand what he meant. Certain new questions crop up in my head as well when I see new students clueless at the end of their first day. Why is it, that all the enthusiasm narrows down to confusion and cold feet by the end of the day?


In architecture, the first year is definitely the most compelling part of the structure and therefore it becomes very important that us, students are given an overview through a kaleidoscope and are guided towards the accurate conception of architecture rather than scaring us off with phrases like all-nighters, redo, and torn sheets. Sure, we will get used to them, but ever heard of the word slow-pace?

It’s farfetched to assume that we’ll already have an idea about the course or that we can get hold of it in a day. So why can’t there be lectures that are easy on our eyes and brains? Why do we have to be SO SERIOUS all the time!? Is it that goals are achievable only if remain grumpy and serious and so robotic and…zzzz… (Sorry I went into the serious zone for a while!)

At leewardists, we believe in the same methodology! We ourselves don’t propagate the idea of producing work while having frown lines on our head. We try and impart education that’s one for all, not biased and so much fun that you almost end up understanding all the serious stuff you dozed off to before. We do this through workshops, comics, visuals, videos and everything that’s non-serious for the world!

ORIENTATION FOR FRESHMEN STUDENTS WORKSHOP is a similar workshop, designed specifically for first-year architecture students! It’s not just educative and a bridge between architecture and students but a day full of role-playing games, presentations that are not full of ‘TEXT’ and ‘SHUTTERSTOCK IMAGES’, and interaction that’ll give you friends for your all-nighters. (Or not!)


July 06, 2018, | written by Shreya Khandekar