Building with Debris:

How We Can Save the Earth by Recycling Demolition Waste

What happens in India to the tonnes of construction and demolition waste produced as a result of increasing urbanisation? We build and build to meet the needs of a burgeoning population – roads, flyovers, houses – ever aspiring towards the “American dream”. But how can our earth’s natural resources meet this gap between demand and supply of construction materials?

Recycling construction and demolition waste can help us bridge this need, and be more sensitive towards our planet’s resources. As a community of designers, architects and city planners – this piece of information can change the way we go about making our design decisions. Starting this moment, let’s redefine how we do things – and build a new earth.

We introduce you to our new content writer/ editor, NIHARIKA SANYAL who will be writing for some of our comics in future. She is a Thesis Architecture student at CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Artwork: Tejas Kale
Content: Niharika Sanyal in conversation with Vinit Patel and Vasim Shaikh

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