Which Architecture Student are you!!??
5 years in the same college with the same people day and night and they become part of your life. Architecture changes a lot of your outlooks and perceptions in life. For better or for worse we can’t say! But this journey would definitely not be as entertaining if some of the people around us would be any different.

Here’s presenting a fun comic on some distinct characters present in mostly every batch. Identify your friends and tag them and don’t forget to share! Thank you! 😀

Story: Sourav banerjea

Content: Hima Patel

Artwork: Anuj Kale

Special Thanks to Pika Verma!


Archi students-7

Archi students-3

Archi students-2

Archi students-11

Archi students-6

Archi students-4

Archi students-5

Archi students-9

Archi students-10

Archi students-8